5 • Three lessons for creating world class customer experiences

As a customer service professional, how can you create a world-class customer experience with every customer interaction you have?

In this podcast, you’ll learn from the story of FedEx Craig about three actions you can take that’ll improve your customer service performance and turn every customer’s experience into a story of customer delight.

PODCAST • 11 minute listen

In this podcast episode

In the last couple of episodes of the podcast, you'll have heard about how leadership and employee attitude makes the difference in creating a memorable customer service experience.

This case study episode tells the story of how Craig from FedEx displayed an attitude that embodied corporate values in a way that sets the standard for leaders seeking to deliver behavioural change at the front-line of customer service.

This podcast teaches you three lessons you can take away and apply to your own customer service situation, to turn each and every interaction into a truly memorable, world-class experience.

You'll learn:

  • Why active listening provides you with the opportunity to deliver customer service excellence
  • How you can create a memorable customer experience that people will remember for years to come
  • What it feels like for a customer when your employees turn 'corporate values' into a winning service experience.

Be like FedEx Craig. Be your organisation's customer service legend.

Dr. Jason Price

Lessons to learn

The key learning points you can take from this podcast and apply to your own situation are:

  • Listening to your customer's story gives you the detail you need to create world-class, memorable experiences
  • Service levels are a limit, not a target. Do better if you want to exceed your customer's expectations
  • Your actions in customer service determine how your customers perceive your organisation's brand values

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