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Customer-centric organisations and excellent customer experiences don't happen by chance. You'll need to turn insights into your customer's needs and your current performance into realistic, tangible improvements at the front-line of customer service delivery.

Whether it's a strategic plan for organisation-wide change, or tactical improvements in specific areas of your operational services, we'll help your people understand the why, how, when and where of what it takes to achieve the customer experience benefits you want to create.

What we deliver

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Customer strategy

An effective customer strategy sets your mission and vision, organisation structures, products, services, technology, culture, training and performance management in the context of who your customers are, and what it feels like for them to deal with your organisation.

Price Perrott's servicefirst® Customer Strategy Framework provides a blueprint for creating customer service excellence – from strategy to front-line delivery.

A Leadership Team Strategy Workshop starts the process, allowing C-Suite Directors, Heads of Department or operational line managers to define their contributions to creating the world-class customer experiences that will achieve your organisation's strategic objectives.

Customer strategy

Strategy sets the direction for everything that follows, from culture and behaviour to service operations and continuous improvement.

Leaders in a customer-centric organisation understand that the customer - and the way you provide services or products to them - is a consistent thread running through every aspect of the way your organisation works.

"Customer service" and "customer experience" are the results you'll see from having an organisational strategy with the customer at its heart. Customer-centric organisations understand how customers fit into every aspect of their business.

How we can help you

Price Perrott's servicefirst® Customer Strategy Framework provides a guide for your organisation's customer-centric development at every level, from the leadership team to front-line operational units. We'll help you 'fill the gaps' in your own unique situation, covering:

  • Leadership strategy development – vision, value, experience and strategic principles
  • Organisation structure and design - aligning the business with its customers
  • Operations management - people, process and technology in customer-centric delivery
  • Change implementation - using programmes and projects to achieve strategic change
  • 'Business as usual' - transitioning the changes into everyday culture
  • Measurement and metrics – defining measures that matter to performance
  • Continuous improvement – using complaints, feedback and data to learn and improve

Leadership Team Strategy Workshop

Successful strategy and business change starts with leadership agreement on goals, objectives and actions.

A Leadership Team Strategy Workshop gives your senior leaders a dedicated opportunity to work together and build agreement on your organisation's unique customer-centric strategy and operational needs.

We'll take your team through the servicefirst® Customer Strategy Framework, focusing on the areas that fit your situation. This will help your leaders agree the strategic goals and operational changes they'll need to deliver to achieve your customer-centric objectives.

Strategic goals established, we'll adapt this workshop to focus on the operational challenges of delivery, helping your line managers and teams set their own goals and contribute to strategic success.

Talk to us about your organisation's current situation and challenges, and we'll work with you to tailor the right workshop approach to meeting your leadership and operational team needs.

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Lessons learned improvements

Conducting a lessons learned review after a business change, programme or project is recognised good practice. But if there's no mechanism to incorporate these valuable lessons into your organisation's planning and delivery processes, it's a wasted effort.

With inquiry reports and research studies into programme and project failures consistently raising "failure to learn past lessons", your organisation should focus not just on learning the lessons, but on ensuring they're applied as a matter of routine.

Price Perrott can help you establish operational processes for your change programmes and operations that closes the feedback and improvement loop of your strategic objective of continuous improvement and learning.

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Learning from complaints

Customer-centric improvement isn't a 'fire and forget' exercise. An effective mechanism for managing, analysing and learning from customer complaints and feedback is a requirement for compliance with International Standards in complaints.

You can't be customer-centric if you're not listening to, and learning from, customer complaints and feedback.

Price Perrott's experience in world-class complaints standards means we have the knowledge to embed learning from complaints and feedback into your strategic approach to continuous improvement.

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