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Customer service functions and contact centres have plenty of data, but it's a challenge to turn this into useful business intelligence that helps you make the right decisions.

Intelligence-led decision making means you need accessible, easy-to-understand analysis of your customer experience and operational service performance.

Complicated, hard-to-read spreadsheets and legacy systems might have crucial information buried in them, but that's not much help when you need to make an operational decision in your contact centre, or to learn from customer feedback, complaints and service trends.

We use
our experience in customer service, contact centres and complaints (from strategy to delivery) to analyse and present meaningful performance data using Tableau – a world-class analytics platform.

What we deliver

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Benefits of data analytics in customer service

We've used data analytics with our clients to gain insights into customer strategy, contact centre operations and complaints management culture.

We've helped our public and private sector clients make better informed decisions about improving their customer service performance.


Contact centre analytics give insights into operational data

Not every contact centre leader has the luxury of dedicated analysts able to provide reporting analytics on demand. For many, the reality is using your own initiative to build spreadsheet reports, interpreting multiple hard-to-read tables of numbers extracted from your telephony switch.

Instead of your busy managers and team leaders being bogged down in data trying to understand what's happening in your call centre, we help you spend your time where it counts - on supporting your customers and staff.

Price Perrott's servicefirst® Performance Analytics turns your contact centre data into intuitive, interactive guided analytics that focus on the key measures you need to run your centre effectively.

We'll work with you to design the analytics you need using Tableau, with optional insights from experienced consultants familiar with the ins and outs of improving contact centre performance.

Rather than spending your time wondering where to start with spreadsheet reporting, you'll be leading your team in answering the important questions about what's happening in your contact centre and how you can put service first.

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Customer service analytics for operational leaders

Being able to quickly and easily understand your performance data is essential for leaders and senior management to make accurate, informed decisions. It's what turns your data into business intelligence and service improvement.

We apply our leadership experience in customer service to develop customised guided analytics using Tableau Online, giving your management and operational leaders the tools they need to see beyond the data.


We helped a Local Government client turn hard-to-interpret Excel data on front counter face to face customer service into an interactive, intuitive guided analytics dashboard.


The monthly performance insights allowed managers to:

  • Improve reporting capabilities
  • Increase staff efficiency and balance resources
  • Save time and money in the long run
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Learn and improve from customer complaints and feedback

Our Tableau guided analytics dashboards are ideal for improving complaints trend analysis and reporting. They keep you on track with continuous improvement by learning from complaints, managing complaints performance, and tackling root causes of customer complaints and dissatisfaction.

Customer complaints and feedback are one of the best sources of intelligence for service improvement.

We've helped clients across the world gain insights into improving their complaint performance and meet compliance with the latest 10002 International Standard.


Our Complaints Management Assessments have provided government and private sector clients with new insights into their peoples' attitudes, helping them focus on the areas most in need of behavioural and technical improvement.

Our research • Tableau visualisations

We've produced research into publicly available data in a sample set of Tableau Public visualisations. These provide fresh perspectives on open datasets and illustrate the benefits of using interactive analytics to explore data held in static spreadsheets and annual reports.

General Election results, UK • 2019

Brexit referendum results and parliamentary votes analysis, UK • 2016 - 2018

Local Government complaints to the Ombudsman, Victoria, Australia • 2015 - 2019

Official Information Act complaints performance, New Zealand Public Sector • 2016 - 2018

Local Government complaints performance, UK • 2014 - 2018

Energy supplier complaints performance, UK • 2013 - 2018

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