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Whether it's day-to-day customer service in your contact centre or call centre, managing and learning from complaints, or delivering continuous improvement through change programmes and projects, it's essential to know you're achieving the service standards your customers demand and you're on-track to realise the benefits you've planned for.

We combine our operational experience with International Standards and best practice research to provide you with rigorous, independent assessments of your performance. Whether it's your contact centre, complaints management, or change programme and project performance, we can help you achieve world-class levels of customer experience.

What we deliver

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Benefits of assurance reviews

Assurance reviews provide an independent, external perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of your performance, based on recognised best practice standards.

Assurance reviews can validate your success in service delivery, providing confidence to customers and stakeholders in your organisation's capability. An unbiased, independent perspective provides recommendations for improvement that will help you focus your priorities and target your resources to greatest effect.


We've provided public and private sector clients with independent perspectives on:

  • Lessons learned reviews of operational, programme and project based business change
  • Programme & project progress and performance
  • Contact centre operational performance
  • Complaints handling response quality
  • Organisation culture and attitudes towards complaints
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Contact Centre Operational Review

An effective, efficient contact centre or call centre is at the heart of your organisation's brand image and the customer service experience you provide.

Contact centre managers continually have to balance operational factors that contribute to achieving high performance in their contact centre's operation. Maintaining this balance effectively is essential for a good customer experience, business efficiency, staff morale and delivering service level performance targets.

A servicefirst® Contact Centre Operational Review provides an independent assessment of your performance against best practice in five key areas of contact centre service delivery.

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Using a rigorous, audit-based approach, our analysis provides you with practical improvement recommendations based on the observed evidence of your contact centre’s day to day operation benchmarked against International Standards and our own operational experience.

Benefits of a Contact Centre Operational Review

  • Recommendations provide a clear direction for achieving performance improvements
  • Baseline your own compliance against world-class contact centre standards
  • Tailored approach focuses on your centre's business needs and priorities
  • Objective assessment by an independent, external reviewer
  • Review performed by consultants with operational and leadership experience
  • On site observations and analysis of your own performance data
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How effective is your complaints management?

Effective complaint management is a key feature of customer service excellence, and governed by regulatory oversight in many countries and industry sectors.

Your organisation's attitude to customer complaints, its complaint management policies and procedures, and the behaviour of your managers and employees all directly affect a complainants' customer experience and satisfaction.

Our assurance reviews have helped clients across the world assess their effectiveness in complaints management, based on the latest 10002 International Standard and peer-reviewed research studies.

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Independent lessons learned reviews

When your organisation implements changes, there's always an opportunity to learn lessons for the future. It's vital to learn from past experience when making changes, whether that's in operational service delivery, programmes or projects.

An effective lessons learned review is a critical factor in making sure your organisation gets the benefit of good, bad or indifferent experiences from everyone involved in the work that's been carried out.

Institutional knowledge and learning depends on lessons being raised openly, analysed and taken into account by future programmes, projects and change initiatives – if you're to prevent avoidable and costly mistakes.

Encourage honesty that 'speaks truth to power'

A servicefirst® Lessons Learned Review ensures your organisation takes an honest look at the strengths, weaknesses, successes and problems encountered during a business change you've carried out.

Using independent consultants to conduct a review ensures all participants can freely express their opinions and have their voices heard – however controversial.

Free from any vested interests, organisational politics or other 'baggage', we bring a fresh, external perspective that helps your people identify the successes they should celebrate and the opportunities they can improve on in future.

Finding the right approach for your review

Our experience in customer facing service change, programme management and project delivery in both public and private sectors provides expertise and understanding of the impacts of operational change.

Whether it's a stakeholder workshop conducted on-site or by virtual meeting, a confidential series of customer or staff interviews, or facilitated root cause analysis, we'll help you with the right way to get the most from your lessons learned review.

The final report sets out clear findings, with recommendations and actions for you to follow.

Benefits of an independent lessons learned review

  • Avoid making future mistakes in change that waste time, cost money and damage your reputation
  • Independent reviewers are free from internal politics or opinion on the changes being reviewed
  • Using external reviewers encourages people to raise sensitive issues, with confidentiality assured
  • Objective review facilitation ensures all participants' views are included without unconscious bias
  • Review scope and style tailored to the requirements of your change, programme or project
  • Findings and recommendations provide a clear set of follow up actions to embed learning
  • Timely lessons learned reviews capture essential knowledge before participants move on or leave.
  • Fresh perspectives, based on leadership experience in customer facing service operations
  • Experience of delivery and reviews of service operations, programmes and projects
  • International experience of lessons learnt reviews across public and private industry sectors
  • Accreditations and experience in consultancy, programme and project management.

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