• Complaints management
  • Improving business performance
  • Managing business change
  • Innovative thinking, coaching and education
  • Service transformation
  • Contact centre operations
  • Programme and project management
Complaints management1 Improving business performance2 Managing business change3 Innovative thinking, coaching and education4 Service transformation5 Contact centre operations6 Programme and project management7

Hello. How can we help?

We're an independent consultancy working in business change, performance improvement, complaints management and customer service.

It's our mission to improve the quality and efficiency of our clients' business operations.


Achieving excellence

We know that excellence in customer service and business performance comes from a well-defined strategy, committed people and efficient processes.

It also comes from having the assurance of knowing you're on the right path to deliver the results you're aiming to achieve.

Advice, guidance and support

We can support you at whatever level you require, whether that's in strategy, delivery or assurance of service operations.

For advice, guidance, specific consultancy engagements or personal development through coaching, mentoring and education; we're here to help.

"Price Perrott approached this piece of work in a very innovative way"
Complaints Manager

"We have been left with a strong vision for customer service and a sound strategy and blueprint"
Strategic Director

An independent consultancy in business change, performance improvement and customer service operations